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Cannabinoids for Sleep

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Over the counter hemp CBD:

CBD can help with lowering stress and anxiety levels, two sleep saboteurs. Taking a ton of CBD on it’s own (known as ‘CBD isolate) right before bed may actually make some people feel wakeful, although not everyone. It increases the brain’s wakefulness centres in some animal studies. That is why it’s best used throughout the day, or in the afternoons and early evenings to help lower stress and possibly even cortisol stress hormone levels to help your brain and body wind down properly in the hours before actual sleep time begins. You can look for a ‘full spectrum’ product too, which may work better than isolated CBD due to what is known as the entourage effect or herbal synergy. Other cannabinoids like CBN and terpenes like myrcene may also help. You can also use CBD products combined with other herbal sleep helpers and with melatonin which tends to make it work better for sleep and evening stress.

Medical cannabis containing THC

Medical cannabis by prescription, can be used for patients with more severe or treatment resistant insomnia. It can be extremely effective and is usually very well-tolerated with minimal if any side effects when done under expert doctor guidance.

Normally, the starting dose is a ‘microdose’ of 1-2 mg of THC. An oil or tincture form by mouth is usually used if the issue is fragmented sleep and waking up. Especially for those who have chronic pain that keeps htem up since it helps with that too. Besides THC, the product may also contain a smaller amount of CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, again like that calming terpene myrcene. Strains for nighttime are often labelled as ‘indicas’ although technically that is now not accurate as all the plant genetics have been interwoven over the years.

In Canada and in some US states, this type of cannabis oil with THC can also be purchased without a prescription at legal cannabis shops.

Vaporized Cannabis for Sleep

If the issue is just getting to sleep, a medical cannabis flower product that is inhaled with a vaporizer may be tried. Again looking for so called ‘indica’ strains in a flower form which are then ground and put into a herbal cannabis vaporizer and used before bedtime, alongside doing a calming relaxation meditation or mindbody practice such as the healing breath in this program.

This way of using cannabis doesn’t last as long as taking an oil by mouth, so it is only generally helpful for people who have trouble getting to sleep but then sleep deeply once they finally do drift off.

It can also work well for those who may be especially sensitive to THC and be more susceptible to morning grogginess with an oil, although this side effect usually tends to improve with getting used to it and with the right dose.


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