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Poor Sleep’s Effect on the Immune System

Sleep & Immune Function

Sleep is essential to proper immune system function and to keeping inflammation in check in both the brain (which impacts mental health for all types) and the body (physical health).   So even if you suffer from issues seemingly unrelated to sleep, in most cases restoring deep sleep is crucial to the healing process for many symptoms seemingly unrelated to sleep.

Sleep, Microglia & Inflammation

Chronic poor sleep and sleep deprivation activates the brain’s microglia, the special brain immune cells.  These activated microglia can release pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines and contribute to neuro or brain inflammation and also can impair the immune response.  Hence why it may feel like you always seem to get sick easier after a period of poor sleep.  It is not a coincidence, but actually brain biology at play. So you are actually contributing to an anti-inflammatory environment just by creating better sleep habits.

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