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Shifting bedtime

Sleep before midnight really is better. If you have a hard time falling asleep before midnight, shift your bedtime by 15 minutes every 2 days to ease the transition until you arrive at a 10:30pm or earlier.

Scattered Warriors: you tend towards a later bedtime, so it make take you some time to shift to 10:30 but it’s worth it, be persistent and consistent and keep the same bedtime this month, even on weekends!

Wound up Warriors: Give yourself enough wind down time in the evening since your brain tends to be quite busy and struggle with relaxing ‘on demand.’

Exhausted Warriors: while 10:30 is the cutoff, if you feel like you are chronically tired, getting a few 9pm bedtime nights can make you feel much more restored in the morning within a matter of days.

Moody Warriors: Keep your bedtime and wake up time the same every day, even on weekends for the next month to help your brain lock in the new earlier bedtime routine and help you sleep better.

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