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Sleep Tools-Things to Get

The goal is to make your bedroom as calming and ‘sleep promoting’ for your brain as possible.

This is the list of things to get for your ‘sleep kit’ this week:

  • Blackout curtains:
    • any light pollution can alter sleep cycles so your room should be as pitch black as possible. You can get cheap blackout curtain liners to put under your fashionable ones and/ or pull down blinds to fit most windows.
    • these have a thick layer backing and do not let any light through. They should cover the entire window and edges completely. These can be found online and in most home furnishing stores.
    • Blackout blind-this is normally a pull-down blind that does not allow light through and combined with black out curtains, creates a completely dark room. These can be found inexpensively for all window sizes online:
    • For home
    • For Travel:
  • Eye mask-for total blackout, or one made from all natural silk fibres (more expensive but often more comfortable)
  • Use White Noise: You can use free phone apps or fancy speakers or anything in between.
    • white noise machine-can find for under 20 pounds on Amazon
    • ‘White Noise’ app on phone- most of these are free, you can download app so you can set phone to airplane mode so you don’t get mid-night phone alerts.  This is also a good option while traveling
    • use voice activated surround-sound speakers set to an ocean or rain looping background track for more immersive sound, but this is the most expensive option
  • Get EarPlugs-especially if you sleep with a bed partner but even if you don’t, many people are sensitive to background varying levels of noise from outside on the street or neighboring noise (if you live in a flat for example).  You may not notice your sensitivity until you remove at least part of the background noise with earplugs for a one week trial in addition to the white noise.
  • Get Blue blocking dark orange glasses-these should be dark orange if possible to block the most blue light. The clear or very light yellow ones don’t block enough blue light.  Here are some suggestions:

Bonus Item: Aromatherapy Diffuser

This is not essential but is a ‘nice to have.’  These can be found online cheaply and pure aromatherapy essential oils purchased to be used inside of them. Lavender and chamomile are calming ones to try. Many come with coloured lights, make sure the light settings are turned to ‘off’ so it does not create light in the bedroom.

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