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Cut out Alcohol

How to Do it:

Remove all alcoholic beverages for the next 4 week. Ideally, continue your alcohol holiday for a full 8 weeks to see the most benefit and difference in your life. If this feels like too much of a commitment, start with 4 weeks and reassess how you feel at the end of this period and whether you would like to see what happens by going another 4 weeks without alcohol.  By approaching this process with curiosity and a ‘lets see how it goes’ attitude you are more likely to stick with it longer in the end.

Tell People

Tell your friends and family that you will be taking a break from alcohol as part of a resilience program you are doing. This is a very important step so they don’t constantly offer you a drink and can support your process.

Drink Aware Help for Problem Drinking

Of course, since this isn’t medical treatment or advice, if you are worried you may have alcohol dependance seek professional help to help cut down and quit safely and check out these resources: Drink Aware Help Resources


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