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Alcohols Effects on the Brain

Intro to effects of alcohol

Alcohol’s negative effects in the brain, we now know from advanced brain imaging studies, are much more complex than we realized even 10 years ago

Alcohol’s Effects on Brain Chemistry:

It’s the most socially acceptable intoxicant and most people enjoy having a drink or two because it has a short-term rewarding effect on multiple brain chemicals like dopamine (the reward chemical) GABA (what makes us feel warm and relaxed) and our brain opioid system (pleasure and decreased feelings of pain of all sorts).

That’s why it’s such an enticing way to ‘unwind’ in the evenings after a long stressful day.

Alcohol’s Downsides in the Brain

However, after the initial burst of feel good chemicals, alcohol unfortunately has many downsides in the brain.  It can increase anxiety, especially if you are a wound up warrior, increase fatigue and depress immune function (exhausted warriors), worsens low moods and motivation (moody warriors) and impairs cognition (ie thinking clearly) and problems solving as well as mental clarity (scattered warriors).

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