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Sleep & Circadian Rhythm Patterns for Your Type

Wound Up Warrior-Cognitive Distortions & Getting to sleep

You are more likely to suffer with trouble getting to sleep, or sleep initiation and being very sensitive to stress & worry related sleeping problems, where you cannot shut off thoughts or worries at bedtime. This can lead to taking more than 15 minutes to fall asleep.

Wound up warriors can also suffer from sleep anxiety, when they worry about not sleeping well, which makes it even harder to fall asleep. Or, start to feel anxious or panicked after a poor night’s sleep that the day has been ‘ruined.’

These are common cognitive distortions about sleep called catastrophizing, which can be helped by recognizing them when the thought happens, then introducing an adaptive counter-thought instead. For example, instead of ‘my day is ruined I’m going to be exhausted all day now” you can practice instead, I feel physically tired but I can still have a great day and sleep better tonight.

Moody Warriors- Very Early Morning wake-ups & Trouble ‘activating’

Moody warriors tend to have trouble with very early morning hour waking up (eg. 5am or earlier) and not being able to fall back into a deep sleep. Resetting the sleep cycle and hormone levels by doing this program can help. Taking a full caffeine holiday is very important for you.

Worry and negative thinking spirals and negative self talk that gets stronger before bedtime when the brain is less busy can also be an issue for moody warriors and affect sleep. Working on countering negative self talk with positive affirmations especially before sleep can help with this.

Moody warriors can also have trouble ‘activating’ in the morning. Setting an alarm without a snooze setting to get up right away without snoozing may help the brain wake up quicker. Another helpful tool is doing 3 minutes of the Flying Goose Practice beside the bed as soon as you get up before doing anything else to stimulate the breathing and wake up a sluggish nervous system. Alcohol can also worsen moodiness and fragment sleep especially for you, so taking a complete break from all alcohol is very important.


Exhausted Warriors-Light Unrefreshed Sleep despite enought time in bed

Tend to have trouble with light, unrefreshing sleep despite spending 7+ hrs in bed. This is why setting up your sleep environment, reducing LAN is particularly important for you, as well as getting rid of all caffeine and alcohol.


Scattered Warriors-Nighthawk, going to sleep before midnight & screens

You tend to be a nighthawk, so having a consistent bedtime and getting to bed the same time each night, ideally 11pm or earlier is key to helping keep your sleep cycle regular. You are also more prone to bedtime ‘screen binging’ scrolling on phones or late night screen watching, so having a strict no screens policy before bed this month is extra important for you, even though it will feel painful at first!


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