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Sleep, Hormones and Brain Chemicals

Our brains and bodies are programmed to do certain things and make specific amounts of chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters at different times a day.

We make melatonin, our sleep hormone at night and serotonin our happy hormone during the day (an oversimplification but it does give you an idea of how it works).


Our stress hormones should peak in the morning to help wake us up and then should be lower in the evening when we want to wind down to allow us to fall asleep easily.

When sleep is disturbed or unrestful, it can affect these and many other hormone systems which affect everything from mood and focus to stress levels, immunity and how we cope with pain on a brain level.

For example, if stress hormones peak in the evening instead, it can make you feel ‘wired’ when you are trying to get to bed and then have a hard time waking up in the morning.

The same goes if your sleep hormone doesn’t starting increasing and peak around 2am when it should.

Luckily, the things you will do in this program can help restore healthier sleep & stress hormone patterns over time.

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