High THC product washout – 7 Days

This experiment involves stopping all high THC products for 7 days. This means any cannabis flowers, oils and edibles that contain significant amounts of THC including balanced cbd:thc flowers, balanced oils, all THC containing edibles and THC vape carts. High CBD oil and High CBD low THC flower can be continued.

You will take your scores before and after the experiment to see how it worked for you.

THC washouts are when you decrease or stop THC containing cannabis products for a period of time to reset your tolerance level. The reasons someone may do this include to improve their sensitivity to THC to reduce the dose needed to get the desired effect, reduce THC side effects from daily overuse such as ‘rebound’ anxiety, fatigue or sluggishness.

Depending on how often you use THC, the dose, genetics, enzyme activity, THC may stay in the system for at least up to 30 days in heavy daily users. So if that is you, a longer washout period may be necessary to reset your tolerance or reduce side effects from THC build-up. However doing a 48 hr THC washout can reset tolerance and reduce side effects in many people.

After reaching ‘optimal THC’ dose, which is different for each person, no additional benefit/desired outcomes tend to happen, but side effects can start. This effect is known as the ‘biphasic’ effect. Those who have been using high THC cannabis for a long time, may ‘overshoot’ & miss dosage sweet spot. A THC washout may help to reset.

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