Microdosed Sativa Flower Vaporised – 7 days

This experiment involves using a ‘microdose’ of sativa or ‘uplifting’ chemovar or strain of cannabis flower for vaporising for 7 days.

How much is a ‘microdose’ is somewhat subjective but for this experiment we are focused on 1-2mg of THC per day.

How to do it: Using a sativa-dominant flower strain that has terpenes such as limonene, humulene and alpha pinene, try 1 X 2-second inhalation when mood needs boosting once a day(approx 2mg THC per inhalation for high THC flowers, 1mg of THC per inhalation for balanced 1:1 CBD:THC flowers), for 7 days

You will take your scores before you start and then again in 30 days to see how it worked for you.

Vaporisation of cannabis flower is a quick-onset method of use. Normally people feel the effects within a few minutes of starting to take the first inhalation during a session of vaporising flower.

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