Change Flower Strains, Keep Same THC:CBD Ratio – 30 days

This experiment involves changing the chemovar, or strain of the flower used for vaporising and choosing a flower with a similar THC:CBD ratio to the one you use currently. You do this for 30 days.
You will take your scores before you start and then again in 30 days to see how it worked for you. The reasons for changing strains can be to see how a different strain affects you, due to differences in minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant compounds. For example, you may need a high THC strain to get the desired effect, but one strain may make you feel a bit sleepy or ‘foggy.’ You may try changing to a more uplifting strain to help increase energy and improve clarity, but still with the same THC effect.
Vaporisation of cannabis flower is a quick-onset method of use. Some people use daily vaporised cannabis daily for a chronic issue or to help boost a certain area on a regular basis, such as mood or energy. Other people use it only occasionally. Normally people feel the effects within a few minutes of starting to take the first inhalation during a session of vaporising flower. An individual session is generally complete when the flower material has turned from green to brown and most of the plant chemicals have been vaporised off. How often you use your flower and how much is up to you. The experiment will also show you how the amount you used over the course of the month may have changed so you can see your usage pattern too. This will be shown at the end of your experiment in the results section.

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