Mindful Vaporizing Experiment

This experiment combines vaporizing cannabis flower with mindfulness. It helps you to see how much flower is the optimal amount for you in a single vaporization session so you don’t use too much or too little for your goal.

Vaporization of cannabis flower is a quick-onset method of use. Normally people feel the effects within a few minutes of taking the first inhalation.

The Mindfulness part of this experiment involves taking 1 inhalation spaced out every 3 minutes from the last one. Before taking the next inhalation, check in with a mindful body scan for 30 seconds. Check in with how you feel in your body, notice any tensions, areas of discomfort. Check in with your mind and label any thoughts or emotions that pass over you.

Ask yourself, do you feel good or do you need another dose to get your desired effect. If yes, take another single vaporization. Wait 3 minutes and repeat the mindful body scan process before re-dosing. The session is complete when you feel you have reached your goal for the session (eg. to feel calmer) or when you start to experience a side effect (ie. dizziness).

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