Cut Out Processed ‘White’ Carbohydrates – 30 Days

This experiment involves cutting out all sources of caffeine for 30 days. This includes caffeine in coffee, green tea, black tea, chocolate, energy drinks, energy bars that contain coffee bean/coffee extract, supplements that contain ‘green tea extract or ECGC’ and caffeinated fizzy drinks.

If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee per day, cut down by 1/4 cup each day instead of stopping ‘cold turkey’ to reduce caffeine withdrawal symtoms which can include headaches, fatigue, brainfog and feeling more irritable and lower mood. Caffeine withdrawal side effects go away after 7 days of being caffeine free for most people

To help with energy without using caffeine, you can also try taking a mushroom supplements with cordyceps, or siberian or american ginseng which are all herbals that can help with energy. Avoid panex ginseng which can be too stimulating and cause similar issues as caffeine.

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