Yoga Nidra Meditation – 30 Days

This experiment involves practicing a yoga nidra guided meditation for 20 minute once a day for 30 days.

This is an ‘integrative mindbody practice’ because it has elements of mindfulness, body awareness, breathing and visualisation. Yoga nidra practices are usually done listening to a recording via headphones so you can relax more deeply. It can be done lying down or sitting but lying down is preferred for deeper relaxation and rejuvination.

Yoga nidra has a significant amount of research evidence from helping to improve sleep, reduce stress and enhance well-being (footnote these study refs).

It is a deeply rejuvenating practice and does not require a lot of mental energy or ‘sharp’ attention but simply an awake relaxed lying down state.

This is why it is the perfect practice for those who suffer with low energy conditions, chronic fatigue and for exhausted warriors when they get out of balance

Choose the time of day that you will do your practice and write it into your calendar with a notification. Set an alert on our phone so that you don’t forget! Try to stick to the same time each day. This helps create a habit and reduces mental effort to do your practice.

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