Calm Abiding Meditation Practice – 30 Days

This experiment involves doing a practice taken from the buddhist tradition known as tranquil abiding, or calm abiding meditation. This is actually a series of steps over at lest 9 weeks in research studies to a few years in the traditional buddhist way of teaching it.

This experiment focuses on the first step, known as using the body as the object or focus of your meditation. You will do this for 15 minutes once a day for 30 days.

This practice is used to improve concentration, focus and mental functioning and has been shown to be effective in reducing the core symptoms of adult ADHD, a clinical disorder of attention and focus. It is used in the buddhist tradition to develop deeper concentration abilities and create a calm, stable concentrated mind that is less prone to distraction or feeling scattered.

An example of a calm abiding guided meditation can be found here: For more in depth instruction, many non profit societies offer both virtual and online classes and courses on this method.

Choose the time of day that you will do your practice and write it into your calendar with a notification. Set an alert on our phone so that you don’t forget! Try to stick to the same time each day. This helps create a habit and reduces mental effort to do your practice.

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