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Unlocking Your Relaxation Response for Resilience

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  2. Welcome video from Dr Dani
  3. R Score
  4. Video: Intro to the Relaxation Response
  5. Defining the Relaxation Response
  6. The Stress or Fight or Flight Response
  7. The RR & the Rest & Digest System
  8. Creating True Relaxation in the Nervous System
  9. Rate Your Relaxation Skills
  10. The RR & Resilience
  11. The RR can change Gene Expression & Immune function
  12. Intro-methods to turn on the RR Video
  13. How to Activate the RR-Recap!
  14. Other ways in activating your Relaxation Response
  15. The history of the RR-Video
  16. Scattered Warrior video
  17. Wound up Warrior video
  18. Moody Warrior Video
  19. Exhausted Warrior Video
  20. How the course works
  21. How Long to Practice
  22. Time of Day to Do Your Practice
  23. Where to do your practice
  24. Week 1 intro
  25. All About the The Healing Breath
  26. Breath: The Doorway to the Autonomic Nervous System
  27. The Diaphragm
  28. The Vagus Nerve
  29. How Posture Can Create ‘Stress Breathing’
  30. Healing Breath Video Instructions
  31. Healing Breath written instructions recap
  32. Welcome to Week 2
    Welcome to Week 2 - Intro
  33. All About the Benson Technique
  34. What is the Benson Technique
  35. The benson technique written step by step instructions
  36. Benson technique audio recording-(use video and make into audio only Nick)
  37. Welcome to Week 3
    Week 3 Intro
  38. PMR history and evidence
  39. All About PMR part 1
  40. Recap-what is PMR?
  41. How Muscles Really Relax
  42. All about PMR part 2
  43. How PMR Works in the Brain
  44. PMR recording listening instructions
  45. PMR audio recording
  46. Welcome to Week 4
    Week 4 Intro
  47. Week 4 Recap & Choosing Your Favorite Technique
  48. Combining Techniques Together
  49. Moving Forward with Your Practice
  50. Introduction to Resilience Resets
  51. All About Resilience Resets
  52. How To Create Your Resilience Reset
  53. Resilience Resets instructions for how to do it
  54. Resilience Reset- written instructions
    Congratulations-You Made it!

The RR and Resilience

This RR is actually an inbuilt resilience mechanism we are born with.  But because of the frantic pace of modern life, the constant mental stimulation and distraction and the lack of instruction in these practices most people are totally unaware of this mechanism we all possess to harness bad stress.

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