0 Resilience Assessment 20Q
I get easily irritated by small things or problems
I have negative thinking and/or negative self talk
I have decreased desire for socializing and/or doing things I used to enjoy
I experience low moods
I experience a sense of joy in daily life
I feel physically fatigued and/or depleted of energy
I wake up feeling tired even after 8 hrs of sleep
I experience mental fatigue
I feel more energized after I exercise or get active
I have an abundance of energy all day without afternoon energy crashes
I have problems focusing or concentrating and/or experience brainfog
I forget things/misplace things/lose track of what I’m doing
I have difficulty making decisions and/or tend to procrastinate or put things off
I find it hard to stay organized and/or stick to a routine
I feel sharp and clear headed
I experience physical sensations such as racing heartbeat, chest tightness, sweaty palms / armpits or tension in my body when I’m not exercising
I experience anxiety, nervousness, feeling mentally ‘wound up’ and/or a feeling of stress ‘overwhelm’
I have trouble falling asleep
I find it hard to mentally relax and/or shut off constant thoughts
I feel calm and at peace in my body and mind
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